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Artist: The Colourist


New jam.

"These pictures they make it easy To think what we were We can be from far away We can be alone"

Artist: Pierce The Veil


I’m Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket (Acoustic) 

Hot Sessions

"Listen up! All you kids out there who have ever felt like shit, ever felt worthless or abandoned or alone, you listen to me right now. Keep that fucking chin up, keep that fucking guard up, protect yourself, and you swing as hard as you fucking can at this life. They are going to try and take the things you love, your dreams, your hopes, your entire life from you, but they CAN NOT TAKE your fucking will to survive. And as long as you know they can’t beat you, they can’t hurt you or keep you down, you will always be the one who comes out on top, and you will be happy. And that is the most important thing you will ever have. They CAN’T beat us, because WE WON’T LET THEM."
-Tim Mcilrath (via krispehh)